Head of the Trent Regatta

September 29, 2018

Peterborough, ON


Head of the Trent is an annual regatta held on the historic Trent Severn waterway in Peterborough, Ontario. Participants race along the scenic Trent Canal and Otonabee River in a 5km head style race. The regatta draws competitors primarily from Ontario, Quebec, and the northern United States, with international clubs also participating on occasion. It is regarded as one of the premier events for fall rowing in the region, and competition for entries has grown increasingly more vigorous in recent years. Over 2,000 athletes in over 400 boats race throughout the day making the regatta one of the largest single-day regattas in North America. The regatta coincides with Trent University’s homecoming celebrations, and provides a unique atmosphere of spectators, festivities and activities. Crews are often cheered along by revelers at the finish line and some of the more narrow portions of the course. This year's regatta will be held on Saturday September 29th, 2018. The registration period for the regatta will run to Friday September 14th at noon.


2018 Draw

The canal will open following passage of the last boat of each previous division through it. It will close twenty minutes after that point in time. Boats must load onto the water during the launch window to enable quick movement through the canal as soon as it opens. Crews who do not proceed through the canal within the prescribed time period will be disqualified from their event.

Race Starts

Division 1

8:45 am

Division 2

10:40 am

Division 3

12:30 pm

Division 4

2:05 pm

Division 5

3:40 pm

Division 6

5:15 pm


Course Map
Traffic Pattern



Notes for Competitors

Please remember that rowers are not permitted to race in back-to-back divisions. Dock marshals will be watching for this and disqualify boats that are in violation. Violation of the rule will result in disqualification of the crew from the second event.

Athletes are reminded that while race officials will be in the canal, all safety marshals on the course have the power to ensure safety and monitor adherence to the rules of racing. Marshals may bring penalties or disqualifications as appropriate so athletes are reminded to treat all safety boats, race officials, and fellow competitors with courtesy and respect.

2018 Regatta Rules

2018 Regatta Safety Plan


Registration will run to September 14th at noon.

Online registration.




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